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The RCT Asperger Parent Support Group was formed in 1997 by a group of parents who met when their children attended speech therapy together. They decided to meet regularly to encourage the children to socialize and also to support each other. 


The group has became more established as more families with children with Asperger Syndrome need support, and it continues to grow from strength to strength up to the present day. 


Initially the group relied on fundraising and donations to fund outings for the children, but during the past 5 years we have been successful in securing funding from numerous sources which has given us the opportunity to provide free of charge:




Training workshops for parents

Horse riding

Dance and Drama Classes

Basket Ball with The Rhondda Rebels

Karate Classes

Sports activities

Craft workshops

Family fun days

Cinema Trips 

Outdoor Pursuits

First Aid Classes

Music Workshops
Chocolate Making workshops
Bushcraft sessions


The group’s future aim is to secure more funding, and provide more exciting and challenging events for the children and their families. We also aim to raise awareness of Asperger Syndrome by attending meetings to highlight issues relevant to living with the condition, and provide support and information for children and their families.



The group have an extensive range of books which are available for loan. (listed below) If you would like to borrow a book, then please e mail us by the 3rd Sunday of the month,so that books can be exchanged at our monthly meeting (3rd Monday of the month). rctaspergergroup@yahoo.co.uk


A1       A parent guide to Asperger Syndrome and High functioning autism

A2       Al Capone does my shirts

A3       All about autistic spectrum disorders

A4       All cat’s have aspergers syndrome

A5       Aspects of aspergers (2)

A6       Asperger syndrome and adolescence

A7       Asperger syndrome and difficult moments

A8       Asperger syndrome in the family

A9       Asperger syndrome: social integration skills training

A10     Asperger syndrome, the universe and evertything

A11     Asperger’s and girls

A12     Asperger syndrome- from diagnosis to solution – a guide for parents

A13     Asperger syndrome and sexuality

A14     Asperger syndrome in adolescence

A15     Autistic spectrum disorders – good practice guide

B1        Behavioural concerns and autistic spectrum disorders

B2        Blue bottle mystery

B3        Bullying and how to deal with it

C1       Children and youth with asperger syndrome

D1       Deveoping talents – careers for individuals with AS and HFA

D2       Diet intervention and autism

E1        Eating an artichoke – a mothers perspective on AS

G1       Gwern

H1       Hitch-hiking through aspergers syndrome

H2       How to be yourself in a world that’s different

H3       How to find work for people with Asperger syndrome

H4       How to live with autism and asperger syndrome

M1      Martian in the playground

M2      Multicoloured mayhem

O1       Our journey through HFA and AS

P1        People with autism behaving badly

S1        SENcode of practice for <country-regionw:ston><placew:ston>Wales

S2        Standing down and falling up

S3        Surviving the SEN system

T1        Talking teenagers(information for parents of teenagers with ASD)

T2        The Aspergers answer book

T3        The curious incident of the dog in the night (hardback)

T3a      The curious incident of the dog in the night (paperback)

T4        The LCP solution – nutritional treatment for ADHD and Dyslexia

T5        Timeout from ASD – handbook

W1      When my worries get too big (a relaxation book for children)


Vid1     Aspergers-a different mind

Vid2     Aspergers syndrome –a guide for parents and professionals (Tony Attwood)

Vid3     Making a difference – a guide for SEN Governors

Vid 4    Snowcake (DVD)